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Important news about the Patanjali Centre for Classical Yoga Ashram

Our Patanjali Kutir or Ashram was purchased in 1988 and set up as a yoga centre by
our founder Swami Indranandaji (Sri Indar Nath), as well as being the place where
he lived. Since then, we have held many successful yoga courses and spiritual
events at the centre. When our beloved Swamiji passed away in 2007, the Trustees
continued his good work with classes and programmes and also keeping up the
maintenance of the centre.
Since 2007, we have actively looked to find younger people to take on the centre
and its programme, finances and maintenance and to continue the teachings of yoga
in the spirit and philosophy of Swami Indranandaji. Unfortunately, however, it has not
been possible to find anyone prepared to become fully responsible for it, as Swamiji
had been.
In recent years the centre has been failing to achieve its full potential, despite so
many efforts and we are down to a very small core of active visitors and members.
Now the three main people who run it want to and need to step down at the end of
2023, due to age and / or the long distances they have to travel to reach the centre.
We, the Trustees, have therefore taken the very sad decision that the centre needs
to be sold. Our ideal would be to find a buyer who would like to continue to run it as a
yoga / spiritual centre, thereby taking advantage of all the wonderful spiritual
vibrations which have been set up over the years. However, if no-one comes forward
soon, it will be placed on the open market and we have been advised that, because
it occupies a relatively large parcel of land, the building will likely be knocked down
and the plot developed. The asking price is c. £500,000 – £600,000. If you, or
anyone you know, would like to purchase it to continue it as a yoga or other
spiritual centre, please contact us without delay. The building and gardens can
be viewed at
Brian Down
Sulekha Nath

Happier news – Our plans for the future

This will not be the end for the charity currently known as the Patanjali Centre for
Classical Yoga. The Trustees intend to transition it to a charitable foundation in memory of
Swami Indranandaji and the Patanjali teachings he followed. It will support
underprivileged people in the UK and abroad, with emphasis on young people, enabling
them to adopt the principles of yoga in their everyday life. Money from the sale of the
ashram will enable the Trustees to make donations to like-minded organisations, such as
schools and other yoga centres, so they can offer teachings and retreats to those who
would struggle to meet the costs themselves.
We appreciate that this might be a shock to some of you, especially if you have visited
the Centre over the years and remember Swamiji with affection. We thank you all very
much for your support and hope it will continue as we set up the new Foundation. In the
meantime, if you would like to speak to someone about any aspect of what we are
planning please contact our Membership Co-ordinator:
Jenny Newman:
Our final event at the Centre will be our usual Memorial Day end of year and Christmas
celebration, which this year falls on Saturday December 16th. It will be a special
celebration of Swamiji’s life. (He would have been 100 on November 9th 2023). It would
be lovely to see as many of you there as possible. Please let Jenny know if you would like
to attend.
With our most sincere thanks for your support,
The Trustees
– Brian Down – Chairman
– Jenny Newman – Membership co-ordinator
– Carole Lee – Vice Chairman
– Sulekha Nath – Foundation co-ordinator
– Raj Chawla
– Phil Duffield

Reply letters

It is with great sadness that I have just received news of the closure of the Patanjali Yoga Centre.

The chaotic world in which we live needs more spiritual centres, not less.

After my return from India, I had some contact with Sri Indarnath when he lived in north London. I was of course impressed by his spiritual depth and dedication to yogic science.

And then subsequently he moved to Battle and I moved to Wales to start Mandala Yoga Ashram. We were two spiritual poles at two ends of the country.

I sincerely hope that you can find someone who can continue the work and keep the centre operational. And it is comendable that the charity will transition to a charitable foundation to support underprivileged children – there are so many children who need help in the UK and abroad. May this work help many.

Fondest regards

OM Shanti and Prem.

Swami Nishchalananda

(Founder Director of Mandala Yoga Ashram)