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Zoom Saturday Satsang 13th March 2021

March 13 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

ZOOM SATSANG Saturday 13th March 2021 11am–1pm

11am Welcome Friends

We begin with a reading by Lynn Power

This will be followed by the uplifting chants Jaya Gurudev and Om Nama Shivaya,
chanting alongside a recording of Swami Indranandaji playing the harmonium.

We offer a very shortened form of the Classical Fire Ceremony -Havan Yajna
Chanting some Vedic hymns from the Fire Ceremony, this will help to fill the mind
with positive divine thoughts, it is a form of celebration, purification and helps to
bring a connection with each other and the universe.

11.30- 11.50pm A teaching from the Gita Vanessa Graham
11.50- 12.10pm Music -Songs and a story with Phil Duffield
12.10-12.20pm Mystical and devotional poetry with Manatitaji
12.20- 12.40pm Meditation with Brian Down
12.40- 1.00pm Q & A and Closing Peace Chant

You may wish to place on a small tray the following items which are all symbolical:
A candle to be lit representing fire and the Universal Light which is within us and
without, permeating everywhere.

A small bowl of water to be placed nearby and a small spoon to partake the water.
Water is cleansing, purifying. Consciousness is likened to water.

A flower symbolising devotion and some fruit to serve as an offering – prashad.

Healing and purification of all our senses is needed to make us aware and connect
to the Light, hence the reason that our founder, Swami Indranandaji always held
Havan Yajna, the Fire Ceremony at every Satsang. Whilst it’s not practical to do
that at this time, what we can try to do is to offer a very, very abbreviated form
chanting some of these wonderful Vedic hymns. When chanting the Sanskrit it is
always good to remind ourselves that sincerity is one of the best qualities we can
have on the spiritual path and no experience is needed! The first verse is very
significant to help us on the path.

O Bright Creator, send away all that is evil…
Om Vishvani deva savitur, duritani parasuva I
Yad bhadran tan na a suva II (1)
O Bright Creator, send far away all that is evil;
Send to us that which is truly good

ACHAMANAM (Water is held in the right palm and is sipped once after each Mantra)
OM Amrito pastaran-masi Svaha
Immortal Lord, Thou art my widespread shelter
OM Amrita pidhan-masi Svaha
Thou art my Immortal shield and protection
OM Satyam yashah shrir-mayi shri shriyatam Svaha
May I attain to Truth, fame and goodness for myself and others

ANGASPARSA (Touching the Parts of the body)
(Water is held in the left palm. The ring and middle finger tips of the right hand
are dipped and the parts touched as indicated after each mantra – right side
OM vangme asye astu (Touch lips)
May my tongue be blessed with speech
OM nasorme prano astu (Touch nostrils)
May my nostrils breathe the breath of life
OM akshnorme chakshur astu (Touch eyes)
May my eyes be blessed with sight
OM karnoyorme shrotram astu (Touch ears)
May my ears be blessed with hearing
OM bahvorme balam astu (Touch arms)
May my arms be blessed with strength
OM urvorme ojo astu (Touch thighs)
May my thighs be blessed with vital energy
OM arishtani me-angani tanustanva me saha santu
May all the parts of my body prosper in health and strength.
(Sprinkle water on all parts of the body)

Lighting the Fire
Om Suryo jyotirjyotih Suryah svaha II (1)
Om the Sun is Light, Light is the Sun
Om Suryo varcho jyotirvarcha svaha II (2)
Om the Sun is spiritual lustre, Light is spiritual lustre
Om jyotih Suryah Suryo jyotih svaha II (3)
Light is the Sun, the Sun is Light
Om sajurdevena Savita sajurushasendra vatya jushanah Suryo vettu svaha II
Om, Come O surya, along with the bright Creator and the Dawn, awakening
powers of action and perception, be well satisfied with our sacrifice.
Om Agnir-jyotir-jyotir-agni svaha II (1)
Om Agni is Light, Light is Agni
Om Agnir-varcho Jyotir-varcha svaha II (2)
Agni is spiritual glow, light is spiritual glow
Om Agnir-jyotir jyotir-agni svaha II (3)
Agni is Light, Light is Agni
Om Sajurdevena savitra saju-ratryendra-vatya jushano agnirvetu svaha II (4)
Come Agni along with the Bright Creator and the Night putting to rest the
powers of action and perception, be well satisfied with our sacrifice.
Om Agne naye supatha raye asman vishvani deva vayunani vidvan I
Yuyo dhyasmaj juhu raana meno bhuyishthan te nama uktim vidhema svaha II
Lead us to wealth along the paths of virtue,
Agni divine, knowing all true directives
Remove from us that makes us act in error
Most fulsome adoration we will bring to You

Om vishwani deva savitur duritani para suva I
Yad bhadram tan-na asuva svaha II (7)
O’ Bright Creator, Send far away all that is evil
Send to us that which is truly good
Thank you, Thank you

Now we offer the following prayer to the Light to the Fire for the Universe.
Offerings to the Fire for the universe
Om Dyaoo Shantir Antrikshagwam, Shantih Prithvi Shantir Apah Shantir
Oshadhya I Shantih Vanaspataya Shantir vishwe deva I Shantir Brahma
Shantih sarva gwam Shantih Shantih reva Shantih sama Shantih Redhi II
Om; May there be peace in heaven; may there be peace on earth; may the
waters flow peacefully; may the herbs and shrubs grow peacefully; may all the
divine powers bring peace to us; may Brahma, the Supreme be in peace. May
all be in peace, and may that peace come unto me.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti OM
Om Peace Peace Peace Om


May there be peace everywhere – Thank you
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March 13
11:00 am - 1:00 pm